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An important announcement;;


Hello everybody, I’m just decided something important. I’m decided to changing the rules and make we’re gonna have our Digimon and Pokemon back! So, the Pokemon character gonna see the Digimon also the Digimon character will see another creature just like a Digimon, but a little bit different…A Pokemon.

Who agrees with me?

So we’re gonna to see them all as a pokemon?

Some little words

(I thought it will be ok to do this, even if i’m lazy as… haha

Hello to everyone on the group, yo can call me Aussy and i’m really happy of being here with you ♥.

So just wanna make a point clear; i kinda suck at english so… if you see something wrong i would appreciate that you told me in order to not make that mistake ever again uwu.

That’s all, let’s have fun, thanks if you read this c: )