In that case everything was fine, maybe he can take a look around with her since he didn’t know the place…

“Are you ok?” asks a little worried about her blush.

She shook her head again “Yes yes! I’m fine” she said while looking at her shoes. - What I’m doing? - she asked to herself. Definitely the whole situation was awkward but cute at the same time.

“Do… do you know where the classroom is? I can show you if you don’t know, I can show you the whole school if you want” She finally said, all the pressure and the nerves disappeared all sudden and turned into a smile.

He sighs in relief, at the moment he still didn’t know even where the nursing was so it’s kinda hard to help her, maybe it was just his imagination.

"That would be really nice" admitted while corresponds her smile,That would save him of having to look for someone else, he used to not socialize well with people "and i really apreciatte if you do that for me, in fact you’re the first person I spoke with…" he blushed a little.